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What exactly is Love???

Posted by chillygurlz on June 10, 2008

Hello all…  how are u all?  i am good here,  today i want to ask you guys,  I always wondered, what does Love exactly mean?  what the differences between love and like?  is love only for couples like boyfriend/girlfriend or married couples?  Can you love your family and friends?  of course i love my family and friends…  Love is someone you love for who they are and support them for everything and make eachother happy and laugh…  Love is a beautiful thing.  I wonder, is there different levels of love or different ways of loving a person?  Love is a hard feeling to truly understand.  cuz it’s hard to describe to people how much you like them.  well of course u show by a hug and showing them support.  Do you find it hard to understand exactly what is love?  why i am asking?  cuz i live with my friend who is a guy, we used to be boyfriend/girlfriend for about 3 years but that never worked out so we are just friends now.  of course we are still living together.  of course i have times where i feel kinda confused about how i should feel about my friend?  I still love him but as a friend.  we both have lived together for 8 years.  is that normal?  today i am kinda learning that it might not be a good thing, cuz of alot of heartaches, due to memories as a couple and confusion with feelings.  i never actually had a time to get away from my friend to actually heal the “break-up” from the past.  Today i am actually over it since 2 yrs ago and it is past and forgotten but i still have a heartache which is kinda my fault cuz i did not take a long break from my friend.    so now i am kinda confused about different kinds of love.    so what is love to u??  how much can u love a person?  what are different ways?  i know for example, a parent loves their baby cuz the baby is their baby.   I love my family and friends for who they are…  Love is nurturing, makes you happy, and you should love someone for who they are, doing things together and support eachother…   I have an other question,  Suppose someone would say “oh i like this person better than that other person” is that mean?  i would think so in my opinion cuz of course it hurt people’s feelings.  also in my opinion it a bad idea to compare people with eachother cuz that same as saying “I am better then you” in my opinion.  so tell me your opinion about love in comments…    alright thanks for watching my vlog… 


4 Responses to “What exactly is Love???”

  1. Juice Mag said

    I guess love just means two people who understands each other, accept each other for who they are, and well the definition really varies doesn’t it? Depends on how you look at love 🙂

  2. Jason said

    When I was lost love and feel hurt my heart. I still want back to her make a better love. However, it is hard to understand how love is mean. Love is strong word as power than money.

  3. Ashley said

    well my view on love is someone who loves you no matter what and be there for you and support you. there are different levels of love. family and friends love. boyfreind/gf love. it all depends on what indivduals look at love. i have experienced Love with my boyfriend, but i wish i didnt experience it cuz im heartbroken. you need to heal your heart. i know, its hard, but you have to. i expereince through that right now.. trying to heal my heart. in my opinion, you need to heal your heart before you mvoe on and get seirous with someone.

  4. setg3nius said

    there are many types of love. If U truly love someone, u will always pray for their happiness. The highest level of love –> is when U love someone because of God.

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