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Silliest mistakes a child like me could make…

Posted by chillygurlz on June 22, 2008

Hello all… sup with u all?  i am good here.  today i want to talk about silly or bad mistakes a child can make.  I will tell u about my silly or bad mistakes i made as a kid.  I can Remember first mistake i made when i was 6 years old, i went for a bike ride on tricycle around an block, i saw a bee flying around and it laid on the side walk, i was dumb enough to use my hand and hit the bee on the sidewalk and i got sting by the bee on my hand, Ouch but luckily i was not allergic to the bees.  it did kinda swell up on my hand but i never told my parents about it.  when i was around 8 years old, i used to steal my brother’s underwear and clothes to use cuz i wanted to be a tomboy.  of course i threw rocks at things sometimes.   when i was about 7, i was across the street from my dad’s house,  i was dressed like a boy, there was a girl, we met and chatted alittle, she suddenly kissed me, i was like whoa ok.  my dad caught that and was mad for dumb reason.  when i was about 9 or 10 years old, i felt i was not getting enough attention from my parents, so i went around the block with a stick in my hand, scratched up all of the cars on the hood, and i took a big rock and went across street to small shopping center and threw the rock at a windshield of the van.  yes it was very bad but it been forgiven and forgotten.   also i used to fake a run away few time, but i was hiding in the house, i would write a note that i ran away.   whenever i went to my dad’s house, he has few dogs there, but he not always nice to the dogs, there was one dog i loved very much, i did not like the way dad treated the dog, her name was Brassy, so whenever i could i would secretly take brassy out and walk her back to my mom’s house and keep her there.   when i was around 16 years old, i did something really dumb at Iowa school for the deaf,  I got on the picnictable and jumped off of the table onto my knees on the hard ground, of course it hurt alot but it did not break.  so i was luckly.  so tell me ur silly or bad mistakes u made as a kid…  thanks for watching my vlog… 


2 Responses to “Silliest mistakes a child like me could make…”

  1. Lane said

    I got arrested shoplifting when I was junior in high school. So I’m in your club too.

  2. Jason said

    I was kid boy at Elem. School and got trouble from teacher. Teacher send me go to stand at corner and I decided to get color and wrote on my middle finger and show to the class. Teacher was shock and call my parents. Parents were mad at me because I got a big trouble in the class. Thanks.

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