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Very cute childhood video of mine, using an old camera projector…

Posted by chillygurlz on June 30, 2008

Here is my video, made when i was about 2 or 3 years old.  It shows me splashing the water on the table,  then us kids going to the county fair and we went to mc donald to play and eat.


3 Responses to “Very cute childhood video of mine, using an old camera projector…”

  1. Jason said

    it is very cool video from your childhood. I felt old time I was young boy going to county fair and McDonald almost excalty you show on your old video.


  2. seekgeo said

    Awww!!! I looooveee this video!! You were soo beautiful baby! You are very lucky to have this old video of you when you were little because we never had a chance to film when I was little, darn!! Definitely great video to remember by, thanks so much for sharing!

    I can tell you looked so exhausted riding the horse after a long day at the fair! haha.


  3. Diane said

    Aww cute … it looks like you had a great time with your family! I have a very short videotape of me as an year old baby. That was 41 years ago! I hope my sister has it somewhere!

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