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Did you go to Deaf school or Mainstream school or both?

Posted by chillygurlz on August 28, 2008

Hello all…  I wonder, when you were growing up, did u go to mainstream public school or deaf school or both?  please leave a comment…  I grew up in mainstream public school, i went to Prescott Elementary school with other deaf kids and had very good program for the deaf, from preschool up to 6th grade then went to public middle school for my 7th grade.  I finally went to Nebraska school for the deaf in 8th grade and 9th grade.  I went to Iowa school for the deaf in 9th to 11th grade.  I repeated 9th grade.  then for my senior year i moved to Oregon, went to Grants Pass High school and graduated, yes there was deaf programs with interpreter at the school.  I enjoyed going to deaf schools the most cuz i was able to interact with deaf students and be part of deaf culture.


12 Responses to “Did you go to Deaf school or Mainstream school or both?”

  1. Karen said

    Personally, I went to a regular public school but there was a program for the deaf there and I am not deaf but interacted with the students at that school. I got fascinated with the deaf community and now am a student at my community collegefor ASL.

    Hope my input is what u are looking for.


  2. Nanci Bazzell said

    I attended a Day school for the Deaf- Damn Oral System, lost in the mainstreaming public schools, and finally a rediscovered Deaf college in Rochester, NY. Due to my diversity in education, a large Deaf population in a mainstreamed school may be a way to go? Social development is a big issue. Yes, the Deaf students interact with deaf students and be a part of the Deaf culture. Why not dont we expose Deaf culture to the hearing students. The future generation of hearing teens may embrace the Deaf culture. I’ve seen nine to twelve DHH kids in a hearing school. I see low self esteem, miscommunication, and isolated DHH kids. Im not for a small DHH program or throwing the small group (4 to 20) of DHH kids into the mainstreamed classes because the district feels it is cheaper and easier?? We do need a Deaf curriculum from Pre-12th grades from the DEAF role models and DEAF administrators. Thanks, NB

  3. Jason said

    I went to public at Gulfstream Elementary School located in Miami, Florida then move live at Daytona, Florida and again public Dayonta Elementary School until 6 or 7 grades go to St. Augustine, Fl for the Deaf School 7 through 8 grades quit fsd. Back to Miami, Florida go to again public at Rockway Middle School for 8 through 9 grades then go to SouthWest High School for 10 grade then quit SouthWest High School. I went back to St. Augustine, Florida for the Deaf (FSD) 10 to 12 grades. Finally Graudcation 1993 at FSD. That’s it.

    • maria rodriguez said

      hi my son is deaf hard of hearing i am having so much trouble with the school system that i am thinking on saint augustine did you have a good experience there i will be very gratefull if you reply and gime some advice.thanks maria

  4. Katherine said

    I went to Pennsylvania School f/t Deaf from preschool to 8th Grade. However, when PSD moved to Germantown from Mt. Airy, I ended up taking classes at GFS(Germantown Friends School) right across from PSD for 3 classes- Math, History and Science. That was 4th to 8th grade. For the rest of subjects, all at PSD. Then I went to public high school with a deaf program, however I was mainstreamed full time with 2 other kids. I didn’t want to go to MSSD because I didn’t want to be away from home.

  5. Seek Geo said

    Hi Rita!

    I grew up in mainstream school until I was 8th then I went to ASD (American School f/t Deaf) for one year before I was transferred to FSDB (Florida School f/t Deaf/Blind) for two years. Then I decided to move to MSSD (Model Secondary School f/t Deaf) for the last of two years and I graduated there.

    There are pros and cons about mainstream and deaf schools.. I had a wonderful experience living at deaf school because of socialize with students after school hours. But the education is better at mainstream school. I was happy anyway that I went to MSSD, it was best choice I finally made, ha ha.


  6. Tara said

    I went to public school from kindergarten to 3rd grade and of course it has its Deaf program, but not very good one thou. Then went to Missouri School for the Deaf and graduated from there. My experience living at deaf school was awesome because of socialize with students after school hours and get to travel to different state schools for the Deaf when you don’t have that opporunity in public school, mainstream, oral school.

  7. Tara said

    I was speaking of traveling to different state schools for the Deaf in sports or any other type of orgranziation and activities. 🙂

  8. Mary Lou said

    Hi Rita,
    When I was a little and grew up I went to Mainstream public schools until 5 grade then go regular school and then turn to High School but no interpreter at all. When I went a Little thru grew up as I never learn Sign Langauge but we learn oral speech. The Later on We went to night course in community college to learn Sign Langauge.
    Mary Lou 🙂

  9. Sandy said

    Hi Rita,

    I am a hearing person who is taking ASL in College. I don’t recall any of the schools I went to having a DHH program or any Deaf students. However, I started working for Special Education last year and the first school I went to was a Elementary school called Ophir with a Deaf program. What I liked about this school is the majority of the teachers knew ASL and would interact with the kids whether hearing or not with both speech and ASL. I thought that was terrific and it prompted me to start taking ASL. I love the language. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  10. Silentredwolf said

    Went Alabama School for the Deaf, and love it. finished school, went college and graduated, work as graphic artist for 30 years, involves Boy Scout, Deaf activities. Glad that I went to Deaf school that impact my life.

  11. Shygirl said

    I think both world (hearing and Deaf) will be a good experience. I went to mainstream until 8th grade. I went to CSDR (california school for the Deaf, Riverside) and fell in love with Deaf culture. I had that incredible bond with my friends and had a wonderful experience. As for the term, “deaf”, i no longer use the smaller cap. I’m too proud and add the big cap, “Deaf”. Now i’m Gallaudet University student and am happy calling myself Deaf. Actually, i’m hard of hearing, but i prefer to call myself Deaf. I think Deaf people should go both mainstream and Deaf school. Know what i find it odd? i’m doing Linguicism homework, Mainstream vs. Deaf school. My answer would be both.

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