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Remembering 9/11/2001 World Trade Center

Posted by chillygurlz on September 11, 2008

Hello all… u know i am proud to be an American. I am happy to be born in America. America is Beautiful… sure we have good or bad things happen but we deal with it and work it out. Remember 7 years ago, on September 11, 2001 The twin towers (World Trade Center) in New York City, got crashed by 2 hijacked planes and exploded, injured or killed alot of ppl in the building. that day was very devastating for most all people in America. That day we all “froze” and look up and prayed for those who got hurt, that the day everything changed. I felt soo bad for those people who died or got injured, I was sad that day too. I want to know what you all were doing on that day when WTC bombing happened? how did you all feel? What i was doing? I was getting ready for School, I was living in Oregon at the time, I got up and went to see news on TV, I saw what was going on with WTC, I was SHOCKED and Devastated by what happened, I still had to go to school anyway, when i went to school, everyone was talking about what happened and teachers had their TV on for us Students to see what going on. we all talked about it in school all day. I felt like, did it really happen? so tell me how you felt and what were u doing on that day? alright let have a moment of sliences and prayer for those who got injured or died in the WTC. it a day we take seriously, think about what happened. feel free to leave comments, say what on your mind. thanks for watching my vlog.

here is info about what happened on Sept 11, 2001, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/September_11_attacks


8 Responses to “Remembering 9/11/2001 World Trade Center”

  1. Heiska74 said

    Hey Rita.

    Yes, I remembered 7 years ago when Airplane went to twin towers. When I was watching on tv (finnish tv program), happened 9 am in usa, but in finland time was almost 4 pm, then big news came on tv. I was SHOCKED when I didn’t believe twin towers exploded.. I was sent SMS text message to my best friend, who was sleeping. I was saying to open tv and see what happened in New york.. We were shocked and thinking about twin towers .. It was very biggest news from new york and other airplane in Finland..

    Blessing USA.

    friendly regards,

  2. Aunt Lori said

    Yes, Rita I do remember what I was doing that unforgetable morning. I lived in Alameda in a small cottage with one bedroom. My girlfriend, Gail has spent the night, and was asleep in the living room. Her ex-husband called and very excitedly told us “the world is falling apart, turn on the TV”. We did and watched in complete silence as the world we once knew, changed forever. Since I flew with a major bank at the time, they had to get to NYC as soon as possible. The government shut down all flying for many days. We did eventually get special permission to fly some of our executives to the nearest airport to NYC a few days later. It was absolutely eerie flying by New York City, watching smoke continue to bellow out from the area where the twin towers once stood. Black/grey smoke still filled the sky directly above the site, probably from smoldering metal. I have been to Ground Zero since, on a subsequent visit to NYC and the museum they have temporarily set up to house the memories, is a very thought provoking. I would urge anyone with the opportunity to visit, to do so. It is hard to believe it has been seven long years since our world changed. My heart goes out to the survivors and relatives of all of those directly affected by this random act of craziness.

  3. Roberto said

    Very dedication Rita!

    On that day, I had just woken up. I got ready for the day and turned on the TV because I wanted to check the weather and the news then I saw one plane crashing into the south Tower I believe it was and I remember thinking “what kind of sick shit is this?” Then I turned to another channel, same thing. Then my mom called she was like “did you see what happened?” I’m like “the towers is on fire ma, what the fuck?” Then she started telling me that people were saying that they had 6 planes in the sky.” I just couldn’t believe it was happening so I turned another channel, and another. The same shit on every channel. Then I hung up and I called some friends of mine at college and we were all talking about it. I couldn’t talk with them long because I knew my mom would be calling back. After I talked with them then my mom called right back and she was telling me that she can’t get in touch with family in New York (just about all of my cousins, uncles and aunts, and my grandma live in Manhattan). So I got on my cell phone and tried -nothing. I waited a half hour then tried again -still nothing. Anyway, I’m leaving out alot here but I was alone until about noon when my mom got the rest of the day off, and my other cousins came by the house. Like I said I have alot of family in New York so we were all freaking out.

  4. Mary Lou said

    Rita ,
    Yes Im remembering the Twins Towers on 9/11/2001 and i t was so awful and so sad. My sister in Law call me and told me to turn tv on and see the Twins Tower. But My Uncle Howie was passing away on September 8 th, 2001 before The Twins Tower that happen. Good Things he didnt see it that happen of Twins Tower. Oh Boy!! So Our Fire Departments of our fire fighter went down to help them and also my brother’s hometown as their fire department as fire fighter went to NYC to help them too. As we never forget about Twin Tower that happen.
    Mary Lou

  5. Seek Geo said

    Hi Rita!

    Aw.. yes I will never forget that day and the night before, too! My ex-boyfriend Mike and I were in Oakland for Madonna concert then off we drove to Utah using rental car for a couple of days then flew in to Seattle from Utah on Sept 10th and believe it or not, it was the last flight at midnight that we arrive on Sept 11. It was 12:35am to be exact.

    We finally made it home at around 2:30am from the airport and went to bed, just 3 hrs and half later, we were woken up by his roommate saying there has been crashed in NYC.

    OMG, that was horrible feeling the second we rushed to see TV. And the worse part was I had to drive 2 hrs and half back to my home (my ex bf was living in Seattle area and I lived in Portland that time.) So it was very dead highway, barely saw any cars and even trucks whole two hours and half.

    When I got home, I was glued to TV all day before going back to work next day.

    Sad week that was.


  6. Nubia said

    Hi Rita,

    I was very moved by your story. I also remember that day very clearly. I remember where I was and what I was doing that very moment of the attack. My heart goes out to you all who live there, where it was most affected by this. This hurt us all in this country and around the world. Your suffering was our suffering.

    I wanted to pay tribute to the people of New York as the terrible memories of this tragic event will forever be schetched in their minds as well as in ours. For this, I have transcribed the sign for New York using the Liddell and Johnson Model. For many who are unfamiliar with this system of transcribing American Sign Language signs, this form used by signers an linguist, helps to document the complexity of the structure of signs.

    Thank you so much for your v-log Rita. God Bless.

    Liddell and Johnson Model:
    New York
    Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6 Unit 7 Unit 8 Unit 9 Unit 10 Unit 11 ____________________________________________________________________________________
    Timing Unit X M X M X M X M X M H
    Contact + + + + + + + + + + +
    Local Movement
    Strong Hand
    Handshape Y Y Y Y Y Y Placement (Location) Base of palm Fingertips of Base of palm Fingertips of Base of palm Fingertips of Focal site of weak hand weak hand of weak hand weak hand of weak hand weak hand Rotation (Orientation) Palm facing Palm facing Palm facing Palm facing Palm facing Palm facing – down down down down down down
    Nonmanual ___ ___ ___ ___ __ ___ Signal
    Weak Hand
    Handshape B B B B B B Placement (Location) In front In front In front In front In front In front Focal site of torso of torso of torso of torso of torso of torso Rotation (Orientation) Palm facing Palm facing Palm facing Palm facing Palm facing Palm facing upward upward upward upward upward upward Nonmanual Signal ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
    Oscillating, Reduplicated Movement

  7. Nubia said

    Sorry, the space was limited and It was not properly displayed. I’ll try to find a better way to repost it. I’m open for comments.

  8. Blackjack said

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