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ASL song: From my Hands to your Hearts…

Posted by chillygurlz on October 22, 2008

Hello everyone… I have a special song to share with you… from my hands to your hearts, I care about you all. You all are special to me, I love you all, from my hands to your hearts. I believe we should support ASL. We should teach children and adults ASL… From my hands to your hearts, I support everyone no matter who, deaf, HOH, oralist, CI, anyone… I accept everyone… We all are on Earth for purpose, to live our life… work together as team and get along together… work out problems together. from my hands to your hearts, yes sometimes it hard to find reasons why we born? that question we always will ponder. well i figured it out, why we born? to support each other, work together, learn from each other. From my hands to your hearts, you all are special. Yes i am deaf and have noonan’s syndrome but it does not matter to me, cuz i have it for a reason. each person, way you are, that fine, don’t matter to me… From my hands to your Hearts, thanks for watching my show…


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OH MY GOSH… I met my “twin”…

Posted by chillygurlz on October 15, 2008

Hello all… sup?? me nothing much here… have u ever met someone who is soo much like yourself? someone who u never met until then, not family member. u both find u 2 have sooo much in common like sisters or brothers. alot of common interest and have same physical problem. personality kinda alike. ok u know i have Noonans syndrome, well guess what, I finally met someone who is alot alike me, but she has turners syndrome. Noonans and Turners are alike, differences are genetic and few little things. Turners only happen with women, Noonans happen with men and women. it happens from birth. well i met someone who is pretty much alike me lol… our age are different, she is 37, I am 25. of course different family, different look. this person has turners syndrome, I have Noonans syndrome, this women, whom i talking about? it is Marie, her youtube user name is Deafazgal, she is a new vlogger on DVTV. she is actually the one who found me. she wanted to get to know me and chat with me so we chatted and got to know eachother… so we chat, VP chat, more we do, we find out we have sooo much in common, same problems, same food likes, kinda same personality, same interest, yes of course we have some differences too… so she is my new wonderful friend too… of course u all are my friend… so did u ever have that experience where u met someone that sooo much alike you? thanks for watching…

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How to deal with cyber bullies and bullies?

Posted by chillygurlz on October 13, 2008

Bully Willy: picking on Chillygurlz, you have 4 eyes, ur a nerd, i don’t care hahaha, “picking on her more” I’m cool, i’m better then you.

Chillygurlz: knock it off, no i’m not 4 eyes, Ur such a bully said to Willy.

Hello… what you just saw, that is a bully in person… ok now let me show you cyber bully…

Willy: hahaha I want to gossip about Chillygurlz, u want know a secret about chillygurlz? don’t tell Rita,

Chillygurlz: “checking e-mail” whoa, someone calling me wimpy.

What u saw, that is bully acts, of course it not nice to be a bully to someone. the person who tends to be a bully at anyone has problems with low self esteem, they are not really happy with them self, course they won’t admit it. so they want to pick on ppl cuz they think it makes them feel better. they just want attention, they think, “oh i’ll make someone feel bad so i can feel good”. sometimes bullies have low self esteem because maybe their family ignore them or there is no love in the family so they feel angry inside and go out pick on ppl. in some cases, the bully came from loving family but they just don’t care. what can we do about those bullies? instead of reacting to the bully, try just ignore them or walk away, if u feel danger, then go report them. because when you react to the bully then your giving them exactly what they want. other things u can do is, sidetrack the bully by changing topic, talk about something else.

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Summer Childhood fun at my Grandparents!!!

Posted by chillygurlz on October 7, 2008

I was about age 7ish in this video… u will see me doing funny things like feeding everyone ice cream, playing hide n seek with letter box toys, play tag with my brothers and cousins…

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Your most embarrassing moments in school?

Posted by chillygurlz on October 3, 2008

Beautiful day… sunny outside… today i want to talk about embarrassing moments that happen in school…

Sometimes when you go to school, you realized you forgot your lunch box, then your mom come into class later and give you ur lunch box.

when your passing notes in class and your teacher caught you.

when u finish your class, u go to ur lockers and grab wrong book for your next class without noticing it and go to next class.

When i was a little kid, I accidentally spilled milk on me in school cafe during breakfast one time.

i had to go in restroom and eat poop on a dare by kids.

I went in the wrong restroom.

being yelled at by staff in front of students.

falling asleep in class.

answering to the teacher when it not your turn.

when i am picked last in class during PE class.

Thanks for watching my vlog and feel free to leave comments!!!

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