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We are deaf: One and Many by Marie (deafazgal)

Posted by chillygurlz on January 25, 2009

Hello all… my friend Marie wanted to share you all what she did to help with deaf community and she is proud deaf…

this is from Marie…  I remember i had small theatre with hearing student and deaf student in mainstream school when i was kid
FMs Strike, deaf theatre and working in nursing home with deaf residents and was part of Deaf Catholic church.   deaf camping for church catholic and deaf bowling league,  ACDHH
ARIZONA COMMISSION FOR THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING      PAD  PHONIEX ASSICATION FOR THE DEAF.  that about all for now and thanks for watching my vlog…


4 Responses to “We are deaf: One and Many by Marie (deafazgal)”

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  2. Mary Lou said

    Hi Marie,
    Yes I agree with you that you are proud deaf. You did do everything for the Deaf community.
    So Steven and I did played small show ” Peter and the Wolf ” at Mainstream school and I did join to deaf club and also I did used worked the Adult Home for Elderly Women. Rita is wonderful idea that she is volunteer at Library to teach the kids to learn Signs. That I would love to do that to be volunteers that I would love to teaching the kids to learn Signs and read stories books to the kids.
    Thank you for sharing with me .
    Have a Good Day!!
    Mary Lou

  3. Mary Lou said

    Hi Marie ,
    I forgot to add it So Im join to Deaf Bible study too.
    Thank You,
    Mary Lou

  4. angelaura28 said

    Would love for you to see my play: It’s on YouTube . . . and facebook. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEoQ7sXS72c The play: Childless Father_The True Story of Deaf Guatemalan Artist, Fredy Adolfo Gonzalez De Leon

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