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Hey come with me for a bike ride!!!

Posted by chillygurlz on July 8, 2009

I went for a bike ride with my blackberry taped on my shirt… so come see how it went and enjoy the ride with me… I also show you around my town where i live… Enjoy my vlog and thanks for watching my vlog…


4 Responses to “Hey come with me for a bike ride!!!”

  1. Mary Lou said

    Hi Rita,
    Yeah I did came with you for your bike ride and Im really enjoying to watch it . Bussiness shopping are closer to your home which is good and save the gas. Nice bike ride!!!!
    Mary Lou 🙂

  2. Steven said

    Nice bike riding in your town areas. Wow ! you rode thru many blocks all over and I noticed you rode early Spring as the trees leaves hasn’t full blooms yet ! Glad you enjoying outside fresh air bike riding 🙂

  3. Very nicely said.I came across your post from Bing and liked it. Have you been writing for long?Just the other day I recently set up a blog on my own and its been a enjoyable process. I’ve met some interesting people since then but it is hard work at times! Oh well, thanks a ton for your article!

  4. I can’t wait till deaf biker at sturgis and see all deaf peoples bikers.I hope all good enjoy safty ride of biker.

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