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Friends who can read eachother minds…

Posted by chillygurlz on July 15, 2009

Hello everyone… You know my best friend Deafazgal (Marie) and me are wonderful friends together, but u know one thing i noticed? Me and Marie tend to read each other mind a lot and we always say same thing to each other. it does surprise us when we do that. also we can sense each others feelings. We are very connected like sisters. I wonder have you experience feeling of sensing each other feelings and happen to say same thing to each other and can read each other mind? feel free to share your experience, thanks and have a nice day…


One Response to “Friends who can read eachother minds…”

  1. Ashley said

    Me and my best friend experience this too. We tend to know exactly what each other is thinking or we will just use such sparse words no one will understand what were talking bout except for us

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