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Where did my twin brother go???

Posted by chillygurlz on July 31, 2008

Hello all…  my name is Chillygurlz…  This show is about me and my twin brother… 

Wow, some of you said u just saw my twin brother…  when, where??    HEY Joe Deaf preacher,  where did u see my brother?  over there, over there, over there?  or in my mind?  am i seeing things?    HEY Blueosky3,  Where did u see my brother?  up in sky?   HEY Gary Brooks,  u said u saw my brother, where?  in water?  by ocean?  no where?  with ur dogs?  no,  oh oh he is in my heart…   but how u see my brother?  my bro is in my heart, wow never thought of that lol.  thanks…

BUT WHERE IS MY BROTHER?  (Rita disappears)  (Willy appears)    Shhh, don’t say anything, don’t tell my sister i am here. 

(Rita appears)  Dang i still can’t find my brother.  WHAT Gary, bluesky, Joe?  oh thanks for letting me know where my bro is…  let me go get him, hold on…    (Willy appears)  knock it off sis…   hey u, SHHHH, u were not suppose to say anything.   my sister is a big pain in the butt.  plsss leave me alone.  dang, are ur bro and sis annoying at times?  sometimes i wish i exist, not my sister lol.  i’mpissed at my sister.   u know, i have a little secret,   my sister is hearing. (gets whacked)  NOT, she deaf of course, just kidding.  of course we both are deaf.    so tell me if u always had problems with sibling rivalry?   my sis, a girl, naw, me boy, better lol.   okay see u later…  (Willy disappears)

(Rita appears)  grrr, my brother is being a pain in the butt today.  he made fun of me today.  course i am deaf…  see me and my brother fight alot lol…  but, we do love eachother as bro and sis of course.  so feel free leave comments if u deal with sibling rivalry?   alright see u next show…  thanks for watching my vlog!!!


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introduction to my twin brother!!!

Posted by chillygurlz on July 28, 2008

(this is just a fun show i am creating for you all)   (as my brother)  Hello all…  my name is, Willy Billy…  the twin bro to Chillygurlz…  I wanted to ask u all, do u ever wish u had a twin brother or sister, or ever felt u were suppose to have a twin with u?  I am the spiritual twin bro to Rita.   u know what Rita said?  She really wished she had a twin brother like me.  she always felt alone.  I do feel sorry for her…  i wish i really did exist…  u know, i will always be there for her as i always have been for her all our life.  I am always in Rita’s heart.  that why sometimes Rita dress like a boy, cuz she feels closer to me.  so tell me what u think?  ok see ya…

(back to normal Rita)  comes back to room and notices video is on, shocked,  “WHAT, did u see my twin brother?”  oh wow, thanks, i will explain later, see ya…

(this is just made up show for entertainment…)

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