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All Vloggers Met At Crosswalk…

Posted by chillygurlz on August 5, 2008

Hello all…  I am chillygurlz, my name is Rita, (show name sign)…  are u all having fun being a vlogger or enjoying watching different vlogs…    how would u all like to meet some vloggers who all met at crosswalk?  alright let me introduce them to u all…   first u will see my brother Willy, then  Blueosky, 45Hot, Seek Geo,  Green Hulk,  Gary Brooks,  JoeDeafPreacher,  Jon Lenois Savage,  Shrimpy,  B.A.D (Beth), and Aidan Mack (asleveryday)…  alright i hope u enjoy meeting them all!!!  thanks for watching my vlog…


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I have some News from Deaf Vloggers, Jon Lenois, LaRonda, B.A.D., Seek Geo, Gary Brooks and Aidan Mack

Posted by chillygurlz on July 20, 2008

I have some wonderful news for you all from those vloggers…  check it out…  i have no transcript cuz i have one video captioned for those who don’t sign or need help, check video 2.

Video 1,  This video does not have captions.

Video 2, this video has captions for those who don’t understand sign.

Keep in mind, my news are all just made up, no real news…

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