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HELP! I am having an Vlogger block….

Posted by chillygurlz on August 26, 2008

Doing an funny blooper video for u all…  just being goofy…


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All Vloggers Met At Crosswalk…

Posted by chillygurlz on August 5, 2008

Hello all…  I am chillygurlz, my name is Rita, (show name sign)…  are u all having fun being a vlogger or enjoying watching different vlogs…    how would u all like to meet some vloggers who all met at crosswalk?  alright let me introduce them to u all…   first u will see my brother Willy, then  Blueosky, 45Hot, Seek Geo,  Green Hulk,  Gary Brooks,  JoeDeafPreacher,  Jon Lenois Savage,  Shrimpy,  B.A.D (Beth), and Aidan Mack (asleveryday)…  alright i hope u enjoy meeting them all!!!  thanks for watching my vlog…

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Where did my twin brother go???

Posted by chillygurlz on July 31, 2008

Hello all…  my name is Chillygurlz…  This show is about me and my twin brother… 

Wow, some of you said u just saw my twin brother…  when, where??    HEY Joe Deaf preacher,  where did u see my brother?  over there, over there, over there?  or in my mind?  am i seeing things?    HEY Blueosky3,  Where did u see my brother?  up in sky?   HEY Gary Brooks,  u said u saw my brother, where?  in water?  by ocean?  no where?  with ur dogs?  no,  oh oh he is in my heart…   but how u see my brother?  my bro is in my heart, wow never thought of that lol.  thanks…

BUT WHERE IS MY BROTHER?  (Rita disappears)  (Willy appears)    Shhh, don’t say anything, don’t tell my sister i am here. 

(Rita appears)  Dang i still can’t find my brother.  WHAT Gary, bluesky, Joe?  oh thanks for letting me know where my bro is…  let me go get him, hold on…    (Willy appears)  knock it off sis…   hey u, SHHHH, u were not suppose to say anything.   my sister is a big pain in the butt.  plsss leave me alone.  dang, are ur bro and sis annoying at times?  sometimes i wish i exist, not my sister lol.  i’mpissed at my sister.   u know, i have a little secret,   my sister is hearing. (gets whacked)  NOT, she deaf of course, just kidding.  of course we both are deaf.    so tell me if u always had problems with sibling rivalry?   my sis, a girl, naw, me boy, better lol.   okay see u later…  (Willy disappears)

(Rita appears)  grrr, my brother is being a pain in the butt today.  he made fun of me today.  course i am deaf…  see me and my brother fight alot lol…  but, we do love eachother as bro and sis of course.  so feel free leave comments if u deal with sibling rivalry?   alright see u next show…  thanks for watching my vlog!!!

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introduction to my twin brother!!!

Posted by chillygurlz on July 28, 2008

(this is just a fun show i am creating for you all)   (as my brother)  Hello all…  my name is, Willy Billy…  the twin bro to Chillygurlz…  I wanted to ask u all, do u ever wish u had a twin brother or sister, or ever felt u were suppose to have a twin with u?  I am the spiritual twin bro to Rita.   u know what Rita said?  She really wished she had a twin brother like me.  she always felt alone.  I do feel sorry for her…  i wish i really did exist…  u know, i will always be there for her as i always have been for her all our life.  I am always in Rita’s heart.  that why sometimes Rita dress like a boy, cuz she feels closer to me.  so tell me what u think?  ok see ya…

(back to normal Rita)  comes back to room and notices video is on, shocked,  “WHAT, did u see my twin brother?”  oh wow, thanks, i will explain later, see ya…

(this is just made up show for entertainment…)

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Hazards of being deaf!!! “humor”

Posted by chillygurlz on July 14, 2008

This is just a humor video!!!

starts out, me talking to my dog…  then,  I want to show u pic of me with my “spiritual” twin brother who showed up in my picture. (yes it photo-shopped)…   I have a question for u all?  what are the hazards of being deaf?  just a humor question that all. 

driving down street, stop at red light, battery dies in car,  light turn green, i try to press go but it don’t work, but there a line of impatient cars behind me, so Lucky i am deaf.   when u start driving down street, 80 MPH, u just realized u did not close ur car door all the way, so it swing open, yikes lol.    sometimes when we eat, we would smack our food, not realized it but people stare at you cuz u were making noise while chewing lol it has happened to me often too.    when u go to Cafe or food place, u want to order ham and cheese sandwich, u did it by try to speak to the waitress, so when waitress come back, u get a hamburger instead, oh yikes lol.   when u go to doctors, u wait in waiting room full of ppl, there were some kids screaming very loud, ppl are staring at the kids while u never noticed the kid was screaming out of lungs.  at home, when we vacuum, we sometimes accidentally pull the plug then still vacuum for couple more mins before we realized, oops vacuum not even on lol.   when u go to bed at night, u wake up in morning realizing an nasty storm has pass by last night, never woke u up at all, cuz u can see branches feel off trees, it a mess outside and wet.  at home, at night, if there was a robber or a bad person sneaking outside of ur house, a dog barks like crazy trying to warn u but ur sleeping,  (that why we have special sound flashers today for us deafies and alarms)…   suppose ur walking down street, someone behind u, try to call for u to ask u something but u did not hear, so that person gives u a look like “u must be a snob” or something.    if u wanted ur hearing friend to make a call for u, that hearing friend could be changing words and saying different things then u wanted them to say on phone.    suppose ur stopped by cop, u try reach for ue wallet or ur notepad, cop gets leery about u cuz maybe ur getting something dangerous out.  at night, when ur sleeping with ur wife or husband, they snore very loud, but we deafies are lucky to sleep through that all night.   when we go to movie theater or whereever that uses sounds, we have to pay a full admission, is that really worth it?    suppose ur just relaxing on couch watching tv, u did not know anyone was in house, so someone comes into the house and come up from behind, tap u, u jump and get scared lol.   if ur only deaf person in a circle of hearing ppl, it feels like ur on a deserted island…  suppose u were in house all day, never looked out till later on, u looked out and realized it has been raining cats and dogs all day lol…   last, suppose u saw a cute dog, u go to pet it, it growls at u, but u don’t hear it, yikes…   this is just humor,  thanks for watching my vlog…

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