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We are deaf: One and Many by Marie (deafazgal)

Posted by chillygurlz on January 25, 2009

Hello all… my friend Marie wanted to share you all what she did to help with deaf community and she is proud deaf…

this is from Marie…  I remember i had small theatre with hearing student and deaf student in mainstream school when i was kid
FMs Strike, deaf theatre and working in nursing home with deaf residents and was part of Deaf Catholic church.   deaf camping for church catholic and deaf bowling league,  ACDHH
ARIZONA COMMISSION FOR THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING      PAD  PHONIEX ASSICATION FOR THE DEAF.  that about all for now and thanks for watching my vlog…


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We Are Deaf: One and Many

Posted by chillygurlz on January 24, 2009

Hello everyone… I am proud to be Deaf and that is who I am… I have joined girl scouts with my other deaf girls in elementary school, I went with group of deaf kids to bowling or fishing after school. I joined Nebraska school for the deaf and did key club and jr NAD. I also joined Iowa school for the deaf and did sports, joined church with other deaf kids. As a child i met a deaf signing santa along with other deaf kids and we went to social events, it was fun. as a senior, i joined Grants pass High school, for my senior year, I did a senior project on “Deaf” to teach hearing people about deaf and how they live their daily life and I went to few schools, taught few 2nd grade classes about deaf and taught them some signs. it was alot of fun… also I volunteered at library, working with storytime, i also taught kids some signs every week. Today, i go to library to use internet on regular basis, i sometimes chat with my friends on cam on computer, so i use sign out in public to encourage ppl when they see me sign, they get curious and might want try signing… that my thought. So i have done alot for my deaf community too… I am proud to be Deaf… thanks for watching…

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