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Marie (Deafazgal) and I would love to share our story…

Posted by chillygurlz on June 21, 2009

Come check out our story about our vacation together in Nebraska for 3 weeks…


One Response to “Marie (Deafazgal) and I would love to share our story…”

  1. Mary Lou said

    Hi Rita and Marie,
    Im glad to hear both of you had a wonderful good time for 3 weeks and Now Marie have go back home in Airzona. I know Rita is really miss her so much. So I hope Rita will go to Arizona to visit Marie in the Fall or Winter, but It will be best for Rita go Arizona in Winter time and stay away from BRRRRRR and snow go to warmer climate. I understand that Rita and Marie are miss each other. I know Rita will feel funny that Marie is not there at Rita’s home. I hope Marie is fly safe to back home in Arizona. It is so wonderful for both to have keep together like friendships sister.
    Im so glad that Marie had wonderful time in Nebraska to spend time with Rita for 3 whole weeks which is very good .
    Mary Lou 🙂

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